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Jumbo Loader

Jumbo Loader

Boersema delivered a unique bulk truck loading system: The Jumbo Loader, type JBL-500-FC. This Jumbo Loader is one of the largest mobile loading installations of its kind in Europe.

With this installation, practically all products can be loaded from a bigbag into a bulk truck. For this purpose, the Jumbo Loader is equipped with a:

  • Mobile frame, on which the pipe screw conveyor, exhaust filter, loading bellows, compressor and switch box are mounted. The mobile frame is stamped out during loading, which gives greater stability.
  • Pipe screw conveyor for conveying the product from the intake hopper through the loading bellows to the bulk truck. The pipe screw conveyor is equipped with hinged covers at the top. Through these covers it is possible to clean the pipe screw conveyor internally with water. At the inlet of the pipe screw conveyor, a pouring hopper is fitted, in which the big bags are emptied. The hopper is equipped with a vibration motor for better unloading of the big bags.
  • Exhaust filter connected to the intake hopper for dust-free unloading from the big bags.
  • Loading bellows type ZAZ 60-30 is mounted at the outlet of pipe screw conveyor. This type of loading bellows is the most complete in our program and is equipped with an attached electric hoist, an exhaust fan, a built-in filter and a lower head with patented spreader head. With the patented spreader head it is possible to fill a bulk trailer up to approx. 90% with less manholes than normal.
  • Compressor with storage tank for cleaning the filter elements with compressed air.
  • Switch box for operating the pipe screw conveyor, the exhaust filter, the loading bellows, the compressor and lifting the pipe screw conveyor. In the switch box, frequency inverters are installed to control the speed of the pipe screw conveyor and the suction fan.rden. Het gevolg hiervan is dat de beladingcapaciteit veranderd kan worden van 75 m³/uur tot een maximaal 150 m³/uur.

Manufactured stainless steel

In this version, all parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel.