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Since the start of its existence, Boersema has been supplying steel silos in the most varied diameters and heights.

Standard silo

The standard silos can be supplied from 20 m³ to 1,000 m³ and the diameter can vary from ± 2,400 mm to ± 8,600 mm. The silos are of an entirely welded implementation, manufactured from St.37 steel. The silos are intended for the storage or trans-shipment of powders, pellets and granulates.

Panel Silo

Boersema also supplies panel silos. Constructed from panels, which are assembled into rings by means of bolted connections. These rings are subsequently placed on one another using a crane and coupled together with bolted connections. The number of rings is dependent on the capacity of the silo supplied. The great advantage of panel silos is that the diameter of the silo which is ultimately to be constructed is not limited by transport. As a result, silo capacities of, for example, 1500 m³ and diameters of 8,000 mm are feasible at almost any location. Moreover, the functionalities of the silo are equal to those of welded silos, and they are suitable for nearly all dry products.

If so desired, the silos are implemented with many extras, such as:

  • Filling pipe, possibly equipped with a silo overfill protection device.
  • Dust collectors
  • Caged ladder and guard-rails
  • Aeration system in the cone of the silo
  • Shutoff valves and other valves
  • Level notification: for example high/low level, continuous measurement or silo weighing
  • Loading bellows ZAZ or AZC
  • Follow-up transport: for example, conveyor belt, pipe screw conveyor or pneumatic transport


The supporting structures too are entirely attended to by Boersema, and carried out in accordance with the customer's wishes, within the possibilities of the strength calculations made. If so desired, we will also attend to the foundations.

From A to Z: you can find it at Boersema. Place your entire project in our hands and you can concentrate on conducting your business. No worries about the progress of your project, but observe how Boersema monitors the progress for you, deals with matters professionally and solves possible problems.

Storage silo for dry dust

Do you want to store your dry dust in such a way that they are weather-proof and easily accessible? Then choose a storage silo from Boersema P&C. With more than 30 years' experience, we are THE partner where cement silos and other silos are concerned.

All storage capacities

We can supply your storage silo in various sizes, depending on the storage capacity you are seeking. The minimum size is 20 m3, while the welded implementations have a maximum size of 1000 m3.

New: the modular storage silo

While a welded storage silo from Boersema P&C has a maximum capacity of 1000 m3, with a panel silo we can achieve a capacity of up to 1500 m3. This type of silo is constructed from a large number of panels, which are assembled into rings by means of bolted connections. The large storage capacity is possible because this silo can be transported in sections, and therefore more easily.

Expand your silo with:

  • Extraction filter/dust collector
  • Level notification
  • Follow-up transport
  • Shutoff valves and other valves
  • Overfill protection device
  • Loading bellows

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