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Boersema's history

The company was founded in 1977 by J. Boersema, B. Eng. After Technical College (HTS), he discovered while working for his former employer that he himself could find much better, customer-oriented solutions. The kitchen table became a drawing board and Boersema developed one effective solution after another for the internal storage and trans-shipment of dry dust. Boersema expanded into a company with its own engineers and a network of dozens of suppliers.

We can do that better ourselves

Since the age of fourteen, Jacqueline Boersema, the current managing director, closely followed the developments in the parental home with adjoining office. She turned out to possess the same qualities as her father. During a visit to the external sewing workshop where the loading bellows designed by Boersema were produced, she too drew the conclusion that ‘we can do that better ourselves’.

patentFrom then on, the loading bellows were successfully produced in-house by the Boersemas, with shorter delivery times. With very satisfied customers who still buy products and components from Boersema to this very day!

Technical draughtsman

Jacqueline Boersema grew with the company; after her training as a technical draughtsman, she went along with the fitters to the installation- and maintenance activities: ‘as a woman I had the advantage that I was actually welcome everywhere if maintenance had to be carried out; in those years I built up good relationships with companies who are still clients’.

Her father stopped the company in 2008. After a brief interlude, Jacqueline decided to give the company a new start, in accordance with her own insight. Naturally, she is still happy to appeal to her father who then takes his place behind the drawing table, full of enthusiasm, in order to come up with creative solutions. ‘Precisely because we both create the drawings AND put the products together ourselves, we can directly introduce improvements during the process’.

New building

In July 2011, Boersema established itself in a new building on the Ambachtsweg in Huizen: ‘if I step outside my door, I can sail away in my boat just like that, but also be back again quickly for the customers’.