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Customers' reactions


Mr. Robert Roks of the company Caron Beton, speaking about Boersema's maintenance of the silos and filtering installation:  “Boersema doesn't raise a lot of dust”! “And that is exactly the intention – that things function dust-free at our place. Boersema reacts quickly if we request that, and because they keep good records of the history of the machines, the maintenance is carried out well”.

Loading hoses

Boersema regularly supplies loading hoses and the patented spreaders to AVEBE, an innovative company that creates and sells solutions on a starch basis, for the foodstuffs-, paper-, construction-, textiles-, adhesives- and animal foodstuffs industries.

Mr. T. Koops of AVEBE : “Boersema is pretty much a ‘court purveyor’ of ours. We have the same vision: delivering what you promise. They think along with us, they come around and you get helped, the order is sometimes in even quicker than agreed!”