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Products and Components

Boersema Products & Components has experience in the transport and storage of dry dust since as far back as 1977. Loading bellows are manufactured by ourselves in the factory, in accordance with your order.

Boersema makes all sorts of loading hoses from different materials, in various implementations. We have our own sewing workshop in which we manufacture the loading hoses in accordance with your wishes. The diameters of the hoses vary from around 200 mm to around 1,500 mm, and... Read more about Boersema

Quick deliveries, 24/7

Boersema has a large stock of components for loading bellows in-house, such as loading hoses, filter cartridges, level testers, under-spouts and closing cones. We guarantee a short delivery time, so that your production does not come to a standstill. Standstills cost money, and that you don't want!


  • Boersema Modular Maintenance
  • Silo overfill protection device
  • Silo aeration system
  • Silo injection cupola and anti-wear elbows

The information concerning all projects is still present in the archive. Sometimes, customers ring up to ask if we still have components for what we supplied years ago. So I know exactly what I should offer.

Managing Director Jacqueline Boersema