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Dust collectors

Dust collectorsFor the de-dusting of all silos which serve for the storage of various powdered substances, Boersema has a suitable filter in its range. Whether it concerns hose filters, mechanically-cleaned filters or filters cleaned with compressed air, for the most common applications and filter surfaces, Boersema can be of service to you.

The BSF type hose filter, developed entirely in-house, is a robust filter and was designed in such a way that maintenance is practically unnecessary. As a result of the correct choice and application of our filter, the load on the cloth is very limited. Due to this low load on the cloth, the dimensions of the filter hoses and the special POROTEX filter cloth, these filters are to a large extent self-cleaning. And so these filters are not equipped with a beater system and compressed air and/or electricity are not needed on the silo roof. This yields a considerable cost-saving on the assembly and maintenance of this filter.

The BSF filters are supplied with filter hoses made from various materials, which are manufactured in our own sewing workshop. Here too, we attend to a quick, high-quality delivery of new filter hoses in the most varied sizes. The dust penetration is less than 5mg/m³. At your request, a certificate can be provided on delivery of these filter hoses.

And in the area of extraction and the de-dusting of, for example, grinding machines, packaging machines, mixing machines and the like, Boersema has developed a continuous filter of a very high quality.

Polyester membranePolyester membrane

Through the application of polyester membrane as filter material, the filter has an extraction capacity which complies with the current emission requirements of 10mg/m³. The larger de-dusting filters are employed as central extraction, whereby extraction takes place at various points. The extracted dust can be intercepted in a reception bunker under the filter or be discharged into a bunker with an intermediate dust sluice.

Specially for mounting on a silo, Boersema supplies the MAXAIR. This is a de-dusting filter with a filter surface of 24m². Due to its compact dimensions and the quick opening mechanism, this filter can be maintained quickly, safely and without problems. This compressed-air cleaned filter is manufactured from stainless steel 304, equipped with built-in flange, internal control panel, 4 filter cartridges, an air-cleaning unit, an externally-located moisture separator and the terminal cabinet for the mains supply.