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Industrial vacuum cleaners from Boersema

fine-particulate vacuum cleanersBoersema supplies specially-selected industrial fine-particulate vacuum cleaners in various sorts and sizes.

With our years of experience in the transportation and storage of dry dust,  we have included the HD industrial vacuum cleaners  in our range. These vacuum cleaners can clean up/intercept the finest dusts (such as quartz dust) and are specially tailored to your specific situation. The fine-particulate vacuum cleaners are equipped, as standard, with an M-filter and can be equipped with the HEPA filter (H14).

What do we offer?

At Boersema, we have a great deal of experience and we know the demands made on your industrial vacuum cleaners if, for example, you have to comply with an ATEX zoning or if you work with dangerous substances. So we shall be glad to advise you if you purchase industrial vacuum cleaners from us. Our range consists of a number of vacuum cleaners which can intercept even the smallest particles and which can be expanded with, for example, a HEPA filter, tested with fine particulates of 0.3 µm.

ATEX directives

Almost half of our industrial vacuum cleaners comply with the ATEX directives for both zone 2 (GAS) and zones 21 and 22 for dust. If you have to contend with the danger of explosions during your business operations, then our professional industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for this. Thanks to a large filter and a spacious waste container, you can intercept dust for a long time without having to clean the appliance.

Make use of our expert advice.

Do you have to contend with specific ARBO (Working Conditions) requirements, an ATEX zoning, do you have to filter as much as 99.999%, is a HEPA filter a requirement, do you have dangerous substances, do you extract mixed oil and dust or oil with chippings? Let us advise you, and assure yourself of a correct purchase. Every vacuum cleaner can be adapted to your requirements and wishes.

Make contact with us

We inform and advise you, and can for example arrange a no-strings-attached demonstration. As a result, you can make the correct choice. Also,  we inform you about the special service support in the coming years.

During your activities, are fine dust particles released that must be intercepted or cleaned up? Then Boersema offers you the best industrial vacuum cleaners. Partly thanks to the presence of an M-filter in the vacuum cleaner, our industrial vacuum cleaners can intercept the finest dust particles and can even be adapted to your situation.

For more information about our industrial vacuum cleaners, you can make contact via the contact form or call: 035-5237764.