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Correct maintenance contracts are the conservation of your installations. Important in terms of durability and your finances! Boersema draws these contracts up in accordance with your specific situation.

Boersema Modular Maintenance

for entrepreneurs with a perspective on matters

Maintenance of your installation is of essential importance for the continuity of your business activity. Shutdowns, after all, mean retrogression. At the same time, you expect that the costs involved in this maintenance will remain manageable and clear. Boersema stands for innovative designs and ideas and has made a major step in the sphere of maintenance and repair. Clarity, insight and deciding for oneself in advance what is and what is not to be carried out by Boersema. In this way, you yourself determine the level of your maintenance costs and with the Boersema Modular Maintenance system, you yourself also decide how this is to be implemented within your maintenance budget. Naturally we are always prepared decide jointly with you on a suitable maintenance system.

Boersema Modular Maintenance system

Within the Boersema Modular Maintenance system (B.M.O), it goes without saying that calculations are based on competitive hourly rates. But the repair- and components prices too, which derive from this new maintenance system, are offered at these same competitive tariffs. Here too, you decide on what is and what is not to be carried out by us, after you have received a clear overview of costs from our fitter. Depending on your installation and the points that Boersema encounters during the regular maintenance, most components will be quickly available and repairs can often be carried out at once. Boersema ensures a saving on your maintenance costs.