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Cement silo

For the safe and accessible storage of your dry dust such as cement, Boersema P&C offers cement silos. You can expand these with all sorts of accessories. Surprise yourself with the possibilities here.

What capacity?

Whether you supply cement or make much use of it, no two companies have the same needs. A welded cement silo from Boersema P&C is thus also available in different formats. From 20 m3 to 1000 m3, and with diameters from 2400 to 8600 mm.

Get acquainted with the panel-built cement silo

A cement silo is a voluminous monster. The size of a silo is thus also restricted by the transportation possibilities. Unless of course you opt for a silo that consists of panels. Boersema P&C constructs your storage silo from easily-transportable panels, making use of bolted connections. Hereby, silo capacities of up to 1500 m3 are possible, while the characteristics are equal to those of welded silos.

Our cement silos can be expanded with:

  • Level notification
  • Overfill protection device
  • Shutoff valves and other valves
  • Loading bellows

Make an appointment right away

As well as supplying silos, we also attend to their maintenance. If you are curious about our total solutions, we invite you to make contact. Send an email via our contact form or call us on tel. 035-5237764 for more information.