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Cement silo

Boersema P&C has a varied range of cement silos for the secure and accessible storage of your dry substances such as cement. Boersema's cement silos can also be expanded with various accessories. You will be amazed at the possibilities! Do you have any questions about the purchase of a cement silo? Please contact us for more information.

Delivery of different cement silo sizes

Are you a supplier of cement, or do you use cement a lot? Every company has different needs. That is why the welded cement silo of Boersema P&C is available in different sizes. We have the right cement silo for every company.

Cubic metres

From 20 m3 to 1000 m3.


2400 to 8600 mm.

The panel cement silo: large capacity but easy for transportation

A cement silo is a voluminous hulk. This means that the size of your cement silo may depend on the transport possibilities, and you may end up buying a smaller cement silo than needed.

Boersema P&C offers a solution to still be able to deliver the desired size of cement silo: the panel cement silo. This cement silo consists of panels that are easy to transport, in which we use bolted connections for the construction of the cement silo. This makes silo capacities up to 1500 m3 possible, while the characteristics of the panel cement silo are equal to those of welded silos.

Extensions and accessories of the cement silo:

  • level indicator
  • overfill protection
  • valves and cut-off valves
  • loading bellows

More information about our product

Are you curious about our total solutions in the area of cement silos? Would you like to know what the possibilities are? Please contact us via the contact form or call 035-5237764.

Delivery and maintenance of cement silos

In addition to the delivery of silos, we also take care of their maintenance.