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Other products and applications


The Airslide is a simple and cheap solution for the transport of nearly all products in powdered form. The operation of an Airslide is as follows:

Via the connection, air is introduced into the air duct with the aid of a high-pressure fan. This air duct runs all the way underneath the Airslide and is shut off from the transport duct by means of a porous base. The input air penetrates through the porous flow base and makes the product lying above it very airy, with the result that it begins behaving like water and runs downwards at a gentle slope. We call this aeration process fluidisation.

With the Airslide transport, one can attain capacities from approx. 15 m³/hour to approx. 500 m³/hour, over a practically unlimited distance. This capacity is dependent on the product, the width chosen and the angle of inclination of the Airslide.

There are no moving parts in an Airslide, with the result that the Airslide hardly wears at all and requires little maintenance. The Airslide is used in many industries for the transport of cement, lime, manganese, gypsum, fly ash, flour, barite, powdered fertiliser etc., among other things.


Boersema manufactures, supplies and installs elevators, implemented as elevator conveyor belts. Elevators are very suitable for the vertical transport of powder and products in granular form. These products may be grains, cement, sand, gravel, synthetic granulates and many other products. The capacity can run from approx. 10 m³/hour to approx. 300 m³/hour, and the discharge height may reach as high as 50 metres.

The construction of the elevator is adapted to product and capacity. The drive is implemented with a mounted geared motor. The elevator belt can be implemented both in rubber and in plastic. The elevator buckets too can be implemented in various materials such as steel, stainless steel or plastic. Furthermore, our elevators are equipped with various protective devices such as backflow prevention, misalignment prevention, rpm monitor and extractor connection. It is also possible to implement the elevator in stainless steel.