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Ingenious airslide system

Are you looking for an ingenious airslide system to transport your bulk dry goods at a relatively low cost? Boersema Products & Components has the solution for you with our aeration conveyor systems. Thanks to its air vent with a porous membrane, our airslide systems can transport large quantities of dry materials easily.

The right solution for you
Boersema P&C has the airslide that best suits your company’s needs, regardless of the abrasive nature or bulk density of the dry goods you wish to transport. Our airslide systems have a conveying capacity of 15 m³, and up to 500 m per hour. The absence of moving parts means there is little wear and tear on the aeration conveyor, making the airslide one of the most durable and economical ways to convey large volumes of fine materials over short or long distances.

More information?
Boersema P&C is happy to advise you on the right airslide for your company, and will deliver and install the system that suits your application best. Contact us on +31 35 5237764 or for any questions you might have, or get a quote for your airslide system.

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