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Correct maintenance contracts are the conservation of your installations. Important in terms of durability and your finances! Boersema draws these contracts up in accordance with your specific situation.

Silo aeration system

The silo aeration system is applied not only to get bad running products out of the silo but also for fast and even outflow. Depending on the diameter of the cone of the silo, some aeration pads are mounted.

We supplied these aeration pads to a customer who has ships sailing around with cement. Because he has trouble getting the cement out of the ship, Boersema PC supplied these aeration plates. Since delivery of the aeration system, the cement goes back out of the ship quickly.

Ring line

The ring line is fed from an existing compressed air line between which a pressure reducing valve with moisture separator is mounted. The working pressure is approximately 0.5 bar, so the air consumption is ± 25 liters per minute per aeration pad. With a solenoid valve in the control system, this system can be easily switched on and off.