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Silo overfill protection device

During the pressurised filling of the silo from a bulk truck or a ship, problems sometimes arise because the silo becomes overfilled. As a result, damage to the silo can occur or a lot of product material gets blown outside, so that pollution and nuisance arise. In order to prevent these problems, Boersema developed the silo overfill protection device.

The system works as follows:

When the supplier connects the pressure hose to the Storz coupling of the pressure line in order to fill the silo, then on the switch box, which is mounted next to the pressure line, the green release light must start shining, after which one can commence filling.

When the level of product reaches the high level detector in the silo roof, a signal is given via the switch box to a mounted klaxon, as a signal that the silo is full. Simultaneously, a time switch is set in operation, which is set to approx. 30 seconds. During these 30 seconds, one has the opportunity to stop the product feed and to blow out the pressure line. When the 30 seconds are over, the cuff valve, which is mounted in the pressure line, is closed by the actuation of an electrical valve. Now it is no longer possible to blow product into the silo and the silo is optimally protected against overfilling and damage.