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Butterfly valves and other valves

The SVA and VFA series of butterfly valves are robustly constructed and simple to operate. They are very suitable for regulating the product flow of dry dust and grains. As standard, they are equipped with two flanges and are manufactured entirely from aluminium. These butterfly valves can also be obtained in stainless steel 304 butterflies, as can seals suitable for foodstuffs.

It is also possible to equip the butterfly valves with a flange on one side to which a cuff can be mounted. For their operation, the butterfly valves can be equipped with a handle, an electromotor or a pneumatic control.

Slide valves

Slide valves are employed if a full product flow is required or if the installation height is limited. For this purpose, our slide valves are equipped, as standard, with two flanges. This type of slide valve has a square cross-section, and can be supplied in the sizes 150 to 800 mm. For mounting under a rounded spout, we supply special round-to-square connectors. Our slide valves are particularly suitable for dry granular products. The assembly is fairly simple, as is the operation.

As standard, the slide valves are supplied in normal steel, but, if so desired, can also be supplied in stainless steel 304. For their operation, the butterfly valves can be equipped with a hand-wheel, a pneumatic control with limit switches and magnetic coil or an electromotor complete with limit switches.

Specially for use in filling lines and for use in the pneumatic transport of both dry and wet substances, Boersema supplies cuff valves, type FLV. Due to the special shape of the housing, when closing the cuff the deformation is restricted to a minimum, with the result that the service life of the cuff increases considerably. The cuff closes by means of compressed air, in the course of which the pressure difference must amount to 1.5 to 2 bar in relation to the product flow pressure. As standard, the cuff valves are implemented in aluminium and the cuff in rubber, but here too, the cuff can be adapted to your application through the use of other materials.

Professional butterfly valve installation

Do you require a professional butterfly valve installation for your company that deals with bulk dry goods? Boersema has over 35 years of experience in storing and conveying various dry goods. If you require a butterfly valve installation or are looking for other industrial valves, Boersema is the business partner you need.

What we offer

Boersema has several butterfly valve installation options. Our SVA and VFA series butterfly valves are robust and easy to operate, making them ideal for regulating the flow of various fine, abrasive or corrosive dry goods. Our standard butterfly valve installation is available in either aluminium or type 304 stainless steel, and consists of two flanges. Alternatively, we can fit one side of the butterfly valve with a turn-up on one of the flanges.

Discover your options

Discover what Boersema can do for you in terms of butterfly valve installations, or receive advice on our other dry goods transport and storage solutions. Call us on +31 35 5237764 or email your question to