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Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a valve that completely or partially shuts off the flow of dry or wet substances. Boersema offers a diverse range of butterfly valves and gate valves. We supply these product flow dividers in many different designs and sizes for both free-fall systems, hydraulic and pneumatic conveying systems.

To select valves or butterfly valves for your production process you can rely on the expertise of our technicians and the 30 years of experience of Boersema PC. We are happy to help you.

Controlling the product flow, clean and consistent

With the butterfly valves from the SVA and VFA series, you have a robust mechanism that allows for precise regulation of product flow. These industrial butterfly valves are very suitable for dry substances and grains.

  • Butterfly valves are available with diameters from 100 mm to 400 mm.
  • The housing is made of aluminum and the butterfly itself is made of steel. You can also choose butterfly valves made of stainless steel (RVS 304).
  • The butterfly valves can be supplied with integrated seals for foodstuffs.
  • As standard, the butterfly valves are provided with a flange on both sides, for a solid attachment to the pipes. In case your conveying system requires it, butterfly valves can be equipped with a flange on one side.
  • For the operation of butterfly valves, you can choose a handwheel, electric motor or pneumatic system.

Simple control of flow

Slide valves are ideal when a full product flow is desired, for example with granular products. This type of valve is also very appropriate in situations where the installation height is limited.

  • Slide valves are available in sizes from 150 mm to 800 mm.
  • The outlet is square. For a round outlet, we can supply an outlet that goes from round to square.
  • Slide valves are available in normal steel and in stainless steel (RVS 304).
  • The valves are standard equipped with two flanges for attachment to the transport system.
  • For the operation of the valve you can choose a hand wheel, pneumatic system or electric motor.

Cuff valves

Small installation space, large flow capacity

Because of its minimal housing, little installation space is required for a cuff valve. This type of valve is widely used in filling lines and in pneumatic conveying of both wet and dry substances.

  • Sleeve valves are available with diameters from 40 mm to 200 mm.
  • As standard, the body and flanges are made of aluminum and the cuff of rubber.
  • The FLV type supplied by us ensures minimal deformation of the cuff. This extends the life of the rubber cuff considerably.

High-quality butterfly valves and gate valves

The right product flow dividers

In terms of reliability and operational safety, our butterfly valves and valves meet the most stringent requirements of the industry. Boersema PC guarantees that your company will benefit from our high quality butterfly valves and gate valves for many years. 
Please contact us for a suitable solution to control the flow of various dry and wet products.

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