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Pipe screw conveyors

Transport of materials in powdered form has always been the big problem in the field of dry dust handling. Boersema has been concerning itself with this problem for years, in order to offer its customers the correct solution time and time again.

This knowledge has been acquired because in addition to silo construction, Boersema has also further developed the transport of dry dust.

Boersema offers you a wide range of pipe screw conveyors which are applicable in almost any installation. Whether it concerns horizontal, diagonal or vertical screw conveyors, Boersema has the solution for you, in various diameters and lengths.

Spare parts

In the area of spare parts too, Boersema is the right partner. Most components, such as motors, gearboxes, seal buses, end bearings and intermediate bearings, are in stock for the most common pipe screw conveyors and can thus be supplied quickly. As a result, the standstill of your installation is limited to a minimum. Boersema is a supplier of the brands WAM, Scutti Nicola, CAMS and Boersema.