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Boersema products and components comply with the environmental requirements; upon request, certificates are provided along with deliveries.

Silo injection cupola and anti-wear elbows

Silos are always loaded under pressure. This is usually done through a tangential inlet in the silo wall. Due to the speed and the composition of the product, extra wear and tear will occur to this injection section of the silo hull. Ultimately, this will result in a hole in the silo wall. In the pressure lines too, and then particularly in bends, this wear and tear is extremely high. For these familiar problems, Boersema has developed the so-called injection cupola and pressure line elbow.

Injection cupola

The injection cupola is erected on the silo roof, and the pressure pipe is connected. The injection cupola is equipped with a special anti-wear layer 25 mm thick and is simple to mount, so that possible repairs can be carried out simply and safely without your mechanics having to be inside the silo.

The thought behind this pressure line elbow is the same as with the injection cupola: simple assembly and a high degree of wear resistance. As a result of the special construction, the material flow takes a natural course. The material itself – cement, for example – will serve as an anti-wear layer.