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Website disclaimer 

The information included on this website has been compiled with the greatest possible care. However, Boersema accepts no liability whatsoever as regards the accuracy, completeness and continuing topicality thereof. Therefore, no rights in any form whatsoever can be derived from the information included on this website.


The copyrights on the information, pictures, sounds, documents included on this website rest entirely with Boersema. The making of alterations, in whatsoever form, is not permitted without the permission of Boersema.

Nothing from this website may be reproduced, stored in an automated data file, or made public, in any form or in any manner, whether electronically, mechanically, by means of photocopies, recordings or in any other manner, without written permission from Boersema.

Privacy statement.

In order to allow you to make use of some possibilities of the website, it may be that Boersema needs certain data from you. The rules below have been drawn up in order to guarantee you that this information is dealt with carefully.

  1. Personal data will always be specifically requested from you.
  2. Boersema does its best to correctly record your data and, where possible, allows you to adjust your data.
  3. If you request us in writing to delete your data, this request will be honoured.
  4. The recorded data are not available for examination by third parties without your permission, and will also not be transmitted to third parties without your permission.
  5.  Boersema reserves the right to adjust this privacy statement. Every adjustment will be published on this page.