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Overcharge protection for your silos

Protect your silos from damage with the overcharge protection system developed by Boersema. We have designed and manufactured bulk dry good silos since 1977 and have many years of valuable understanding when it comes to filling silos. Our innovative overcharge protection takes away most of the problems associated with this activity.

How it works

Our overcharge protection system is simple yet effective. We install a level indicator on the silo ceiling to measure the product level inside the silo. When the dry goods reach their maximum level, the level indicator will send a warning signal to the overcharge protection control panel and a horn will sound. A30-second timer will also start. Use these 30 seconds to stop the loading process and blow out the residue left in the loading spout. Once the 30 seconds are up, the overcharge protection system will automatically shut off the loading process by closing a squeeze valve.


Reduce the risks of overfilling your silos and install a Boersema overcharge protection system now. Call us on +31 35 5237764 or email us at

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