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Delivery silo with transport screw (18 meters)

Delivery silo with transport screw (18 meters)

For roof tile factory Laumans in Germany, Boersema delivered a silo with transport screw in June, fully on schedule.

The entire logistics for this 'exceptional transport' were also expertly organized. The photos give a good impression of the transport, the assembly work using 2 cranes and the final result.

Wiel Evers, project manager at Laumans:

'The first contact with Boersema was between Christmas and New Year (2011), where most companies celebrate vacations, Boersema just kept on working. After studying the extensive and attractive offer, the choice was quickly made, as there were also other providers. After that everything accelerated and thanks to the professional help of Mr. Boersema Sr. everything was accurately measured and planned. The assembly was completed within 4 days, during which the mechanics worked very quickly and accurately. From our side, thank you very much for the professional and above all pleasant cooperation.'