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Replacing loading bellows for SNB

Replacing loading bellows for SNB

We received a new order from the company SNB, Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant. We were asked to replace an old acquaintance, the loading bellows of Boersema BV from the 1990s.

Boersema has loyal customers. This is proven by the fact that in 2020 we received a new order from company SNB, Sludge Processing Noord-Brabant. We were asked to replace an old acquaintance, Boersema BV's loading bellows from the 1990s.

The old loading bellows

The old loading bellows with spreader of the Ecospacer type needed to be replaced after years of loyal service.e.

Oude beladingsbalgThe old loading bellows

The new loading bellows AZC 60-30 ®

The new and worthy successor: the loading bellows type AZC 60-30 ® with spreader head type Ecospacer ®.

De nieuwe beladingsbalg AZC 60-30During assembly

De nieuwe beladingsbalg AZC 60-30Ready for use

Our customer: Sludge processing North Brabant

SNB processes dewatered sewage sludge in a sludge processing plant consisting of four parallel incineration lines that operate 24 hours a day. A residual product of this processing process is fly ash, which is used as a secondary raw material in concrete bricks and asphalt, among other things. In this case, the loading bellows are used to offload the fly ash to a bulk truck for transport. For more information, visit the SNB website.

Loading with spreader head Ecospacer ®

At the top of the bulk truck is a hole through which the loading bellows with the Ecospacer ® - spreader head can fill the axle to the far corners of the bulk truck. Fast and efficient, so no half-filled bulk truck goes on the road.